Football transfer rumours: Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United?


Internazionale have sensationally accepted Manchester United’s offer for Wesley Sneijder, according to an exclusive in the Mirror, which means that all the English champions now have to do to get their man is agree to pay him upwards of £190,000 a week – just £70,000 a week, or £3.6m a year, more than Rio Ferdinand gets. Here at the Mill we’re hoping the deal goes through, even if it’s only so we get more excuses to listen to this very vaguely Sneijder-related snorter at volumes that make the over-keen early arrivals on the Guardian’s neighbouring media desk frown aggressively with annoyance while Continue reading


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JNE Report Aug 10, 2011

JNE Report Aug 10, 2011 :

Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103521942011 Dwi Fauziah
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103522025711 Della Purwodadi
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103522064911 Nia JKT
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103522094311 Allysa Rismaya Bekasi
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103522125311 Alrina Juwana, Pati Oke
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103522174311 Yolla Bandung
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103521832611 Robert Sitorus Yogyakarta
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103521912611 Nadya Tuban
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103521891411 Denny Muarabungo
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103521662811 Sagita / Bayu Pekanbaru
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103521772211 Badrus Jakarta
Aug 10, 2011 CGKA103522234711 Monica Grogol Sukoharjo

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Green Lantern

Trailer & Synopsis :

A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

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ASUS Wavi waltzes through FCC, ready to stream from your PC to your TV

Remember when we first encountered the ASUS Wavi just before CES? Well now the wireless streaming device that looks to get your TV and your PC in sync has moseyed on through the FCC, and in the process, confirmed a few of our suspicions. The duo will allow you to Continue reading

New Lithium Battery Tech Can Stand the Heat

Li-Ion batteries were a massive technological step forward from NiMH cells but were not without faults of their own—like their tendency to explode. A new Lithium-Imide technology from Leyden Energy, however, send Lithium-Ion the way of NiMH.

The problem with traditional Li-Ion batteries is that they’re very susceptible to both heat degradation, wherein high temperatures generated by your quad-core, overclocked CPU’s cause the electrodes in the battery react with the electrolyte resulting in Continue reading